Your legacy in good hands

Bridging Generations, Building Futures

At Keisho, we believe in the power of continuity and legacy. Our mission is to facilitate the seamless transition of businesses from one generation to the next. Here’s how we do it:

Our company provides
three different acquisition options

we will be proud to be those who carry the traditions and memories of those who came before us.


At Keisho, we believe that businesses are more than just profit centers—they are integral parts of the community. Our owner financing proposal ensures a smooth transition while making a positive impact

Business Acquisition: We acquire your business and place passionate, young entrepreneurs at the helm.

Community Integration: The new owners continue your legacy, contributing to local prosperity and growth.

Owner Financing: You receive regular payments over time, allowing you to retire with confidence.

Win-Win: Your business thrives, and the community benefits.

Legacy Continuation: Your hard work lives on through the next generation.

Community Recognition: Be celebrated as a business leader who cares about the neighborhood.

Stress-Free Transition: Enjoy retirement while knowing your business is in capable hands.

Retire with Confidence

Retiring business owners deserve peace of mind. Our revenue-sharing proposal ensures financial stability throughout your retirement

Business Acquisition: We acquire your business and maintain its operations.

Revenue Sharing: You receive a percentage of the business’s revenue for the rest of your life.

Predictable Income: No worries about market fluctuations or economic downturns.

Retirement Security: Focus on enjoying life while your business continues to thrive.

Steady Income: Regular payments provide financial stability.

No Hassle: No need to manage day-to-day operations.

Legacy Preservation: Your business remains a part of your life story

Legacy Continuation

Your business legacy can extend beyond your lifetime. Our legacy proposal provides financial security for your heirs:

Business Acquisition: We acquire your business and support its growth.

Legacy Agreement: If the business succeeds, we pay your children for a specified period.

Stable Income: Your heirs receive consistent payments, ensuring their financial well-being.

Generational Impact: Your legacy lives on through your children.

Generational Wealth: Provide a safety net for your family.

Business Continuity: Encourage your children to carry forward your vision.

Peace of Mind: Know that your hard work benefits future generations.